The prospect of dental treatment can be daunting for some patients. To ensure your dental experience is as comfortable as it can be, a variety of options are available to help you to feel as calm and relaxed as possible while in the dental chair.

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as “happy gas” can be used for anxious patients. It is a clear, odourless gas that is administered to you through a mask that sits over your nose. It ensures you are awake throughout the whole procedure, but your body and mind will feel much more at ease. Once the required treatment is complete, the gas flow will be stopped. As you continue to breathe normally, the gas quickly leaves your body. 

Alternative options to nitrous oxide may include a single-dose oral anti-anxiety medication, which is taken prior to the appointment. For some patients who require very involved dental procedures or who are otherwise unable to receive general treatment in the dental chair, general anaesthesia might be an option. Not all sedation options are appropriate for all patients, it depends largely on your medical history and general health. Your dentist can help you to decide if sedation is right for you.