A mouthguard is a device that is worn over the teeth and gums. It is designed to protect the teeth, gums and supporting bone from injury. Mouthguards are highly recommended by dental professionals. Mouthguards are typically worn when playing contact sports or any activity that may result in a mouth injury. 

A variety of mouthguards are available at your local pharmacy or supermarket, and although they may be cheaper options, the best mouthguard that can be worn is a one that had been custom made and fitted by your dental professional. Mouthguards that are tailored to your teeth and gums and that are made by a professional, provide the best protection. To have a mouthguard made, your dentist will take impressions (moulds) of your teeth, which will be sent to a dental laboratory for the mouthguard to be fabricated. 

Typically, a mouthguard is worn over the upper teeth and gums and can be made in a variety of colours to suit your needs. A mouthguard should fit firmly, but comfortably over the teeth and gums. If your mouthguard is loose, worn or has been outgrown; visit your dentist to have a new mouthguard made.