Missing teeth can cause many issues for both functional and cosmetic reasons. When multiple teeth are missing, day-to-day activities including eating and speaking can become challenging. Many tooth replacement options exist to restore your ability to eat, speak, smile confidently and ensure that any remaining teeth do not move or erupt into the wrong position. 

There are many tooth replacements options  including partial or full dentures, a dental bridge or implants which can support either a single missing tooth (crown), multiple missing teeth (dental bridge) or dentures (overdenture). The different options can vary somewhat in price. All options are very aesthetic and are designed to match your remaining teeth and gums. It is important to remember that not all tooth replacement options are suitable for every patient. 

For any type of tooth replacement, it is essential to ensure the remaining teeth and gums are healthy and disease free. Before long-term tooth replacement options can be considered, it is important to have a comprehensive dental check-up. Following a thorough clinical examination, evaluation of dental x-rays and any other required dental