A cracked tooth can result from many things such as dental trauma or a having a heavy bite. There are a number of options to repair a cracked tooth; these depend on the location and severity of the crack.

Small, superficial cracks can typically be easily managed. Often, a tooth-coloured filling material can be placed to replace a portion of the tooth to prevent a crack from propagating further down into the tooth. Depending on how much tooth is lost, your dentist may recommend having a crown placed. If the dental pulp (nerve and blood vessels) inside the tooth has been affected by bacteria entering the crack, your dentist may recommend root canal treatment in order to save the tooth. In the case of large, extensive cracks or fractures there may be no other option than to have the tooth removed and replaced with a bridge, implant or denture. 

You may have a crack in your tooth if you experience symptoms such as pain on biting, sensitivity when drinking cold or hot drinks or if you notice a small chip or crack in your tooth, visit your dental professional to discuss management and treatment options.