Fluoride is used and promoted in a dental context as it can be incorporated into the tooth tissues and provides the teeth with additional strength the protection. Periodic professional application of either a fluoride gel, foam or varnish can be beneficial in helping to prevent or manage tooth sensitivity and can be applied to teeth are vulnerable to the progression of the early stages of dental decay. 

Fluoride application may be done in one of two ways. Both are very quick and easy. The first is carried out using a fluoride gel or foam, which is placed into two trays; one for the upper jaw and one for the lower jaw. The trays are placed in the mouth and are kept there for several minutes to ensure the gel or foam can reach and contact the surfaces of all of the teeth. The second way in which fluoride may be applied to a single tooth or number of teeth is through spot-application using a high strength fluoride varnish. Once fluoride is professionally applied to the teeth is it recommended eating and drinking be avoided for at least 30 minutes to ensure the product can be best absorbed.