A dental check-up should be regularly sought out to ensure you are maintaining your teeth and gums. At the first visit, your dentist will enquire about your oral and general health, including whether you take any medications or have any allergies. Understanding your medical history ensures that the way in which they manage and treat you, is appropriate. A comprehensive oral examination of all soft and hard tissues will also be carried out. All structures are assessed for any signs of disease. Adjustments to your at-home oral hygiene routine and dietary habits may be recommended. X-rays may also be taken to detect and diagnose problems; they allow the clinician to look for cavities between teeth, bone loss under the gum and other pathology such as jawbone tumours and cysts.

Following an examination, your dentist will formulate an appropriate treatment plan tailored to your needs. Multidisciplinary management may be indicated and you will be referred to the appropriate specialists should this be required. Your dentist will decide on the recall time period for your regular dental check-up, though every six months is recommended. Routine check-ups allow your professional to become aware of and treat any issues in the early stages.